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Latest Articles in Economy

U.S. Economy Barely In The Green
Stocks are on track for a modestly negative open, with the negative momentum from Thursday's late session sell off continuing into today's session. The major indexes have been unable to sustain the rally from the February lows in recent

Hoping for Bottom in Dollar? Don't Bank on Payrolls
It has been a very difficult week  month for the U.S. dollar, which traded lower against nearly all of the major currencies. Investors completely disregarded the tinge of optimism about global markets in the FOMC statement and according to the Fed fund futures strip they still don't think the central bank will be

Joe Smuck Is Spending The Money Saved From Lower Energy Prices
Looking back, the Federal Reserve believed the decline in oil prices was good for the economy - and would provide a stimulus as consumers could spend the money saved on lower oil prices on other items.  A quick look shows the rate of consumption growth has declined from its peak in January 2015. Lower oil prices did

Dollar Losses Extended Ahead of the Weekend
There are two main forces in the foreign exchange market that are rippling through the capital markets .  The first is the continued weaker dollar tone.  The combination of what appears to be a stagnating US economy (0.5% annualized pace in Q1) and a market that does not believe the Federal Reserve will hike rates

A handy tool for comparing sovereign credit risk
Sovereign debt is not "risk free." That's the reality we've all had to accept in the years since the global financial crisis, as one advanced economy after another has dealt with fiscal deterioration . In reality, sovereigns never were

The Trade Of The Decade
We've talked a lot about oil, the rebound of which has probably led to the trade of the year.  If you recall back on February 8th, we said policymakers finally got the wake up call on the systemic threat of the oil price bust when Chesapeake Energy, the second largest oil and gas producer, was rumored to be pursuing

Q1 GDP Weaker Than Expected
The first read on first quarter Gross Domestic Product (Q1 GDP) was just released this morning, and results were weaker than expected at +0.5 percent (0.7 percent had been expected). This follows an unrevised +1.4 percent in Q4. This

Wanted: Monetary policy Plan B
Central banks have been the only game in town for years now, driving asset prices higher with the help of interest rate cuts and quantitative easing ( QE ) programs. But all these policies were meant to do

The Fed Is a Sideshow: The Main Event Is Tonight In Japan
The Fed met today.  It was a relative non-event.  But they built expectations that a rate hike (one of just two they are now projecting this year) could come in June if the world continues to look stable.  Still, if the Fed were to act in June we would have to hear from Yellen and company over the next several

Central Bankers to the Masses: 'Let Them Eat Rate!'
There never was any cake, just crust. And the French Marie had nothing to do with it. Rather, a Spanish-born queen married to France’s King Louis XIV a century earlier was the ill-mannered Marie who dared to taunt the peasantry. So how then exactly did, “Let them eat cake!” become so universally associated with