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Are Higher Oil Prices A Danger To Stocks?
Following a meeting this past weekend, OPEC and non-OPEC signatories to last year’s agreement to limit crude oil output have announced that they will not be increasing production any time soon. There was an expectation that they would, if only to offset the supply that will be lost when the U.S. sanctions on Iran

Ahead Of The FOMC Meeting
Today s calendar holds the latest 160 Federal Open Market Committee FOMC 160 meeting in New York this morning where the Fed will decide to bring a third quarter point hike to its benchmark interest rate The new range as of this official announcement tomorrow will be 2 00 2 25 the

$100 Oil Is A Distinct Possibility
An oil price spike is starting to look increasingly possible, with a rerun of 2008 not entirely out of the question, according to a new report. The outages from Iran are worse than most analysts expected, and bottlenecks in the U.S. shale patch could prevent non-OPEC supply from plugging the gap. To top it off, new

Wall Street Has No Idea What Stocks Will Do At Midterms
Speculators love to find patterns in the stars, and the latest mantra—at least for the stock market bulls—is that history claims to tells us that every time we’ve seen a significant amount of uncertainty ahead of a midterm election, stocks have jumped afterwards. According to a recent analysis from Macro Risk

M&As To Watch For
Back when mergers amp acquisitions M amp A activity was at its peak in the U S market the term Merger Monday became routinely employed by analysts as if the bringing together of major corporations was a routine calendar occurrence Since the cooling off of M amp A activity

Weekly Market Preview: Dow At Record Highs, Portfolio Rebalancing, Economy Strengthening
Has the proverbial “shift of power” — a.k.a. portfolio rebalancing — begun within the equity markets? More importantly, what should value-hunting investors do about it? On Friday, driven by a sharp rise in industrial stocks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average logged its second straight all-time high. The blue chip

Is Goldilocks Market Coming?
With basically a week left in calendar Q3 2018 and a precious two days of summer left we are seeing a commanding performance from stock market bulls pushing to all time record highs on both the Dow 30 and S amp P 500 indexes This having come without a plethora of economic data for analysts

Record Highs! What Now?
Yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average caught up with the other major indices when it traded and closed at all-time high levels. The S&P did that a month ago, followed by the Nasdaq a week or so later. Both of those benchmarks are at or close to their highs again now after a short period of consolidation. I am

Iran: We Won't Let OPEC Boost Production
It’s about that time again. WTI hits $70 per barrel and the tweet-rage is back. OPEC does have a  meeting in the coming days  in Algiers to assess the state of the oil market, and decide on next steps. But one of the largest near-term challenges for OPEC is balancing the oil market in the wake of lost

Is It Time To Cut And Run On The S&P 500?
It’s time to cut and run on U.S. equities, and—though the prevailing currency crises might not seem like a good place to park your cash—the bank says it’s time to shift some of that money over to emerging markets.  Why? Because Trump’s tax cuts aren’t going to be doling out much more love and the U.S. is poised to