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Routing 101: Identifying the Cost of Routing Decisions
Shutterstock photo It’s no surprise the Access Fee Pilot proposal has received comments from all over the industry, it represents a dramatic shift in the decades old philosophy of incentivizing market quality , and could affect spreads and depth across the market cap spectrum.  The comments below talk about

The Week In Review: Medical Care Inflation
This post reviews the major economic releases issued this past week. The Consumer Price Index showed medical care inflation continued to be below the year-over-year inflation rate of the CPI-U. Medical costs inflation outpaced the Consumer Price Index for urban consumers (CPI-U) for the vast majority of

Retail Sales, Industrial Production Rise
A week and a half before Christmas Day we remain in the heart of holiday shopping season This points directly to the business of retailers and new 160 Retail Sales 160 numbers have come in this morning So while we re already mindful that these companies are looking toward their own

Gibraltar Flare-Up Could Further Complicate Brexit
The UK’s journey to become the first nation ever to withdraw from the European Union appears fraught with more pitfalls than previously anticipated. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Theresa May scored what the British media has roundly termed a “pyrrhic victory” after defeating 117 rebellious Tory MPs advocating for a

Initial Jobless Claims Drop to 206K
Ahead of the opening trading bell this morning Mario Draghi President of the 160 European Central Bank ECB is giving a news conference regarding bringing an end to the central bank s bond buying policy by the end of this month This program was much like the U S version that helped

Analysts Bet On Potential Fed Rate Hike For Christmas
Due to the  expected  slowing global economy, stock market turmoil and the growing headwinds from rising interest rates, some analysts are holding out hope that the Fed might slow the pace of further hikes—even if this goes against the consensus.  It is widely anticipated that the Fed will hike interest rates again

While The Bulls Fiddle With The 'Fundamentals,' Rome Burns
By Avi Gilburt, In the past, I have outlined why fundamentals look best at market highs, and worst at market lows. And, just like we normally experience, as we were soaring over 2900, I am sure many of you were convinced that this was one of the best economies we have seen in quite some

If You Are Looking to Buy, FedEx (FDX) May Be A Good Starting Point
iStock photo If the last couple of months has taught us anything, it is that, in the words of the Bard, one swallow doth not a summer make. There have been many days when stocks have opened significantly higher, bringing hope that we have turned the corner, only to plummet again the next day, or even later in

Economic Data Deluge
We see the other shoe drop this morning on one of the most important domestic inflation metrics there is the 160 Consumer Price Index CPI the flip side to the Producer Price Index PPI released yesterday before the opening bell The CPI for November was unchanged from the previous month

President Trump's Tweet Hints at Positive Outcome on Trade Talks
Twin economic reads from this morning and next are among the highest weighted indicators of U S economic inflation the 160 Producer Price Index PPI 160 released ahead of today s opening bell and tomorrow s Consumer Price Index CPI Both sets of figures arrive before next week s