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  • 2016 Upper Peninsula Talent Summit
  • Court blocks Federal plan to extend overtime pay
  • Expansions at DCHS
  • Ojibwa Casino's growth announcements

Latest Articles in Economy

Commercial Real Estate: From Towers of Gold to Pillars of Salt
Mix together mortar and lime with pressed hay and you too can construct a Tower of Gold, or at least the illusion of one. If you have any doubts, pop on over to Seville, yes, the one in Spain, and have a look at the original Torre de Oro. Particularly entrancing is the vision of this 13th century dodecagonal

Will Health Insurers Suffer from Trump Presidency?
One of the biggest campaign promises made by President elect Donald Trump was the dismantling and replacing of Obamacare officially known as the Affordable Care Act or ACA the signature legislation passed through Congress and enacted during President Obama s two terms in office

OPEC Cheating Will Cap Oil At $52
OPEC succeeded in pulling off what many thought was impossible, overcoming mutual disdain and mistrust to reach a deal on reducing its oil output. Oil prices skyrocketed on the news, up more than 12 percent since the agreement was announced last week. But what if there is much less to the deal than meets the eye?

A Night Of Data Misses In FX
Market Drivers December 07, 2016 AU GDP Misses UK MP/IP Miss badly Nikkei 0.74% Dax 1.45% Oil $51/bbl Gold $1173/oz. Europe and Asia: AUD AU GDP -0.5% vs. 0.3% GBP UK IP 0.3% vs. 0.8% GBP UK MP -0.9% vs. 0.2% North America: CAD Rate Decision 10:00 It's been a night of data misses on FX with both AU and UK

Economic Data in Focus
Ahead of the bell this Tuesday morning we see new reads on the Trade Balance and Q3 Productivity October s trade was squarely in the negative once again indicating a trade deficit at 42 06 billion The final take on Q3 Productivity is 3 1 lower than the 3 3 3 4 expected The U S

How Russia Outsmarted OPEC
OPEC’s historical deal to cut production has been sealed, and oil prices have jumped as a result, comfortably above the $50 per barrel mark. According to Lukoil’s vice president, Leonid Fedun, the average price of crude in 2017 could reach US$60 a barrel, thanks in no small part to that agreement. According to

FX: You Can Almost Hear A Pin Drop
The foreign exchange market is quiet.   Ranges are narrow, with the US dollar mostly consolidating against the major currencies.  Given the push lower yesterday, the shallowness of its recovery warns of thegreenback's downside correction after strong gains last month may not be complete. The news stream lends

Fed Will Let The Economy Run Hot
On Friday, we looked at five key charts that showed the technical breakout in stocks, interest rates, the dollar and crude oil. All of these longer term charts argue for much higher levels to come. Remember, the big event remaining for the year is the December 14th Fed meeting. A rate hike won't move the needle.

What Italy’s vote means for investors
Italian voters rejected a constitutional amendment designed to alleviate political gridlock by centralizing power at the expense of regions and the Senate as predicted by polls We see little progress ahead for reforms to streamline the country s government and liberalize the economy But we

Trump's 35% Tax Threat & Italian Referendum
President elect Donald Trump has taken to his Twitter TWTR feed again over the weekend but instead of attacking SNL or the cast of Hamilton he is taking his tough talk to American multinational companies who plan to move their plants overseas Trump has asserted a 35 tax will be slapped