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Latest Articles in Economy

Why the Fed’s job is all the more complicated
The Fed revealed in its latest statement that it will take a more dovish approach to normalizing its federal funds rate , but still left the door open to some degree that an increase could happen later this

Brexit: A U.S. Investor's Guide
London, England. Shutterstock photo We all know by now that Britain voted to leave the E.U.: the so-called Brexit is underway. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple as far as investors are concerned. What matters now is what happens next. What are the broader implications of the decision and what moves can be

It's All About Brexit
Great Britain has shocked the global markets by voting to exit the European Union, by a vote of 51.8% to 48.2%. As a direct result, Prime Minister David Cameron has stepped down from his post, remarking the country needs

Growth, Logic and the Federal Reserve
This week Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen made her semi-annual pilgrimage to the US Congress to report on monetary policy and the state of the economy. The Chair said the economic outlook was uncertain but "t he recent pickup in household spending, together with underlying conditions that are favorable for

Brexit Sends Shock Waves Through Global Capital Markets
The UK's decision to leave the EU spurred a dramatic risk-off move through the capital markets.   The dollar, yen, and gold soared.  Equities and emerging market assets sold off hard. Core bond yields fell sharply.   The main gist of the dramatic price action is to reduce risk.   The dollar and yen are the main

Brexit Worries Diminish?
As the Brexit vote takes place today, where the British populace decides on a referendum whether or not Great Britain should remain part of the European Union (EU) or not, new polling released this morning is helping part the

GBP Relief Rally Starts Early, Perhaps Too Early?
Market Drivers June 23, 2016 UK Voting begins High yielders rally Nikkei 0.48% Dax 1.70% Oil $50/bbl Gold $1269/oz. Europe and Asia : EUR EZ Flash PMI Man 52.6 vs. 51.4 EUR EZ Flash PMI Svc 52.4 vs. 53.2  North America :  USD Weekly Jobless 8:30 NY USD New Home Sales 10:00 NY UK voters had barely lined

Brexit: Uncertainty Is The New Normal
Tomorrow is the UK vote, where UK citizens will vote on whether to 'stay' or to 'leave' the European Union.  In this post-Lehman (failure) era, we've had no shortage of fear and doubt.  Remember the Fiscal Cliff, Sequestration, Cyprus, several chapters of the drama in Greece, Italy and Spain were threatening default,

Tesla Motors Is Moving To Purchase SolarCity
Tesla Motors TSLA is moving to purchase SolarCity SCTY following the announcement Tuesday, which would bring together two of Elon Musk's biggest brainstorms for roughly $2.8 billion. The CEO of the premier electric car and lithium ion battery manufacturer

Best Markets To Buy After The UK Vote
Last week we looked at four key market charts as we headed into the weekend.  You can see that again here .   Despite the frenzy of selling early last week across markets, as the fear of a bad outcome in the UK escalated, by the week's end, the outlook for markets was looking quite compelling.   Two of the most