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Cyber security, defined as protecting informa- tion and systems from major cyber threats, has emerged as an essential need for all companies across all sectors of industry, regardless of size, who choose to do business with the govern- ment. NIST SP 800-171, a key component of cyber security, is explicitly designed to protect unclassified information outside the govern- ment.
Whether you are a new or an established busi- ness, the playing field for government contracts has changed. Companies not in compliance with NIST SP 800-171 can lose existing con- tracts and the prospect of new contracts. Com- pliance is not optional; it is a requirement that must be satisfied to work with the government.
For many businesses, meeting NIST SP 800- 171 can seem out of reach. The cost of hiring IT experts to overhaul or implement an IT struc- ture within a company can be overwhelming. Additionally, considerable time must be spent establishing and executing compliance polices; adding even more cost for the company in lost time and manpower.
So, where does one begin? Hawk Technolo- gies, LLC (Hawk), a woman-owned business located in Houghton, MI, delivers a sensible, cost-effective solution, providing the experience and the resources necessary to assist companies in satisfying the government requisite. Hawk addresses these concerns by assessing the size and complexity of the compliance project, utilizing the company’s existing procedures, and build- ing the solution from there.
Dorothy Ruohonen, owner and President, commented on why Hawk, a 30-year mechan- ical CAD services and R&D company, decided to specifically offer this compliance service. “Hawk needed to comply with this regulation in order to satisfy customer requirements. We were fortunate to find a local professional who could assess the scope of the project and offer guidance on how to proceed. Once we complet- ed the requirement, we realized that there is a market for this service. Many upper Midwest companies quietly perform government con- tract work. For them, non-compliance poses a real threat to their current and future business
plans. Offering this service provides businesses with a tangible solution from a local company that they know and trust.”
Hawk has acquired the professional who ful- filled their NIST SP 800-171 requirement to run their new compliance division. Because Hawk had the vision to provide this essential service, NIST SP 800-171 compliance is within
reach for any upper Midwest business doing government work, regardless of their size and their role within the supply chain.
For more information on how your business can become NIST SP 800-171 compliant, con- tact Hawk at 906.481.4295 or www.hawktech-
Cyber Security and Your Business
How to Meet NIST SP 800-171 Compliance with Confidence
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