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Jeff Holt, Executive Director
In 2017 we wel- comed three new City Commissioners to the Sault. Commissioners Greg Collins, Abby Baker, and Tim Tal- entino were given tours of the EDC/Smart- zone building and Sanderson Field. Each was made aware of the awesome activities and tenants we have.
In early 2017, our local Meijer Store opened its door with approximately 300 employees. Their economic impact was felt almost immedi- ately. We were pleased to host several of their organizational meetings at the Smartzone and look forward to many successful years of opera- tion, as well as other expansion that typically fol- lows them.
In late 2017, the EDC partnered with the Sault Ontario EDC to reply to an RFP issued by Amazon to develop a second corporate head- quarters (HQ2). While realizing that our efforts are optimistic, we feel that the proposal was strong, and the information we gathered will be useful for future endeavors.
Once again, our community was named a 5- Star eCity for being a top performing entrepre- neurial community, by U of M's College of Busi- ness. We have won this prestigious award for sev- eral years running, and look forward to a com- petitive presentation for 2018.
We continue to work with our partners in Ontario, with the goal to establish a manufac- turing company in Sault, Michigan. When the Canadian dollar strengthens, and Essar Steel clears up their legal issues, we are optimistic that our efforts will be successful.
Once again we were privileged to host Uni- versity of Michigan’s Road Scholar’s. This group of teaching faculty and graduates, tour Michigan communities, some of which have never been north of the Mackinac Bridge. They were treated with our EDC policies and successes and we look forward to hosting them again in 2018.
Our community was saddened by the loss of LSSU President Tom Pleger. We were pleased, however, to meet with and give a tour of our facility to Dr. Peter Mitchell, and strengthen our long-standing partnership. We look forward to working with Dr. Mitchell and his replacement in 2018.
The EDC oversees two industrial parks as well as Sanderson Field, the Smartzone and Incuba- tor.-see photos
Our Industrial Park ( IP) is a 64 acre park made up of 21 lots, including Foreign Trade Zone #16, which encompasses four of the park lots. While the land is under City ownership, in 1975 the City Commission directed the EDC to admin- ister the Park and to make recommendations as to the sale or lease of park properties. The City makes an annual budget allocation for the IP which is used for various maintenance activities as well as for development. The Incubator build- ing sits on 2 of the lots and is 27,940 square feet operated by the EDC.
Air Industrial Park (AIP) is a 400 plus acre tract whose management on behalf of economic development was assigned to the EDC by the City Commission on May 16, 1983 under the same general terms as the IP. We currently have 13 Lots available on & off the runway for sale.
The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority was revitalized in October 2016 and made progress this year including creating a process for reviewing potential projects.
Now, if we receive a call or inquiry we have a platform to distribute information and review applications in a timely manner. Phase I and Phase II applications can be found on our web- site at: program
This year we completed the first project of this
type, using Site Remediation Revolving Funds (SRRF) to remediate and demolish 2 homes in downtown Sault Ste. Marie that were a safety hazard to their neighborhoods. We will look to remove more blight and continue to clean up our community.
2017 Activity at KANJ/Sanderson Field led
to an increase in projects, safety measures and organization. Highlights from this year include: • PFC Overlay Project came in under budget
• Lease agreement with air ambulance firm
• Crack sealing maintenance
• Exterior lighting improvements including
energy saving measures
• Outreach and exposure of programs to stu-
dents and families at LSSU's LakerPalooza, Open House & Movie in a Hangar and Fall Color Tours
• Increased marketing efforts with the promo- tion in Sky Magazine and the annual Conven- tion & Visitors Bureau magazine
• A successful 25th Anniversary of the Young Eagles program with 22 flights and 88 youth participating
• Initial phase of renovating the public area of our terminal
• Design for the reconstruction of the parallel taxiway to occur after 7.1.2018
Please contact us if you would like additional information. Jeff Holt, Executive Director,, 906-632-5778.
News From Sault Ste. Marie EDC
Jeff Holt •
Smartzone 2345 Meridian
Sanderson Field / KANJ
Before & After PFC Overlay
Total Gallons of 100LL Fuel 13,889 Total Gallons of Jet A Fuel 22,281 Total Aircraft 884
Total Passengers 2,465
Business Flights 246
Local 111
Customs 151
Training 129 Homeland Security 7 USCG + Auxiliary 16 Medical Professionals 8 Transient Visitors 123 Air Ambulance 3
Sanderson Field 2144 Meridian
Incubator 1301 W. Easterday Ave.

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