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Dura-Seal is an asphalt professional providing seal coating, crack filling and striping to cus- tomers in Wisconsin. Based in Green Bay, Wis- consin, Dura-Seal provides customers with a quality job at a competitive price. We specialize in residential and commercial asphalt, serving the customers from Milwaukee to Green Bay and in Northern Wisconsin.
No asphalt maintenance job is too big or too small for the crew of Dura-Seal, whether it’s a large parking lot at a shopping mall or apart- ment complex or a short private driveway.
The promise of “durability” is set into the title of Dura-Seal. Seal coating asphalt can double the life of the surface, making a durable and attractive parking lot or driveway.
The frost and thaw cycle of winter in Wiscon- sin can cause asphalt to crack and deteriorate. The crack filling and crack repair services of Dura-Seal help lengthen the lifetime of the asphalt and help prevent the dreaded potholes from forming.
Have a blacktop surface in need of a facelift? Contact Dura-Seal for a free quote. We will set up a time to meet and evaluate the project, give suggestions for repairs, and provide an estimate.
Seal Coating
The parking lot of your business is one of the first things customers see when they visit, and you certainly want to make a good first impres- sion. At home, your driveway is the first thing people see. The look and quality of these sur- faces are direct reflections on yourself, your busi- ness and your home. There’s no doubt an asphalt parking lot adds value to a commercial lot, and an asphalt driveway adds value to a home. Protect the investment you’ve made in your blacktop by keeping up-to-date with pre- ventative maintenance, including seal coating and crack sealing.
The asphalt maintenance professionals at Dura-Seal strongly believe that seal coating and crack sealing of pavement will double the service life of the surface. Get the best results for your asphalt surface by contracting with Dura-Seal for seal coating within the first two years of lay-
ing your pavement.
Applying a sealer to asphalt is an important
type of preventative maintenance for three rea- sons.
Crack Sealing
Dura-Seal Asphalt employee working on crack sealingIn Wisconsin and we’re treated to the beauty and diversity of the changing seasons. From the heat of a summer day to a cold winter night, we experience a wide range of tempera- tures and conditions. So does the asphalt around our homes and businesses.
Changes in the weather are a major cause of asphalt deterioration. The frost-thaw cycle we experience causes the asphalt to expand and contract, leading to cracks in the surface. The cold climate of Wisconsin increases the chance of water being caught in the pavement and freez- ing. Once a frost-thaw cycle begins, forces are at work to destroy the integrity of the asphalt. Water is the No. 1 destroyer of asphalt, and crack sealing is an antidote offered by the pro- fessional crew at Dura-Seal. Crack sealing can preserve the look and functionality of residential driveways and commercial parking lots.
The professionals at Dura-Seal are experi- enced in the most effective crack sealing tech- niques and are dedicated to quality control.
ber on all of its jobs.
Exposure to the weather, traffic, time and
temperature all contribute to the development of cracks in asphalt. Sealing those cracks extends the service life of your pavement and helps to create a smooth surface for traveling and park- ing. Crack sealing also prevents cracks from developing into potholes.
Lot Striping
Unless you’re circling a parking area looking for that hard-to-find empty spot in an over- crowded lot, you probably don’t think twice about the painted lines that separate one vehicle from another. That’s not the case with Dura- Seal. Striping parking lots is not an afterthought for the Green Bay-based asphalt maintenance company, it’s a featured service
Optimize your parking spaces and funnel traffic into the most desirable routes by allowing Dura-Seal to paint the stripes on the parking lot of your business. The professional crew at Dura- Seal has years of experience in striping new lay- outs for commercial lots. All of Dura-Seal’s striping methods meet federal Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.
Dura-Seal also is experienced at restriping the lines of existing parking lots. Freshen up those faded lines to enhance the look of a parking lot and create visually appealing and safe places to park for clients. Improve traffic safety and flow for the customers visiting your business by cre- ating clearly marked and easily accessible spots for parking.
Unfortunately, parking lot accidents are com- mon. Effective lot striping can bring order to a parking area and help reduce fender-benders. Dura-Seal offers line striping services in Wis- consin.
We promise a quality job at a competitive price. Contact Lance at Dura-Seal Asphalt Maintenance, 920-321-1211, for your seal coating, crack filling, and striping projects. We promise a quality job at a competitive price.
Dura-Seal Asphalt Maintenance
1. Pavement sealers help protect the asphalt from deterioration caused by drips of gasoline, diesel oil, grease, motor oil or other corrosive agents.
2. Pavement sealers protect the pavement from the harmful rays of the sun.
3. Pavement sealers help prevent the asphalt from becoming brittle and stiff due to oxidation. When asphalt becomes more brittle and loses its elasticity, it’s more likely to fail. You can observe the process of oxidation over several years by examining the color of the surface. As the oxidation process occurs, the dark black of new asphalt fades to a lighter black and eventu- ally gray. Asphalt sealers help prevent oxidation by preventing air from circulating through the pavement. By reducing air circulation, the asphalt hardens more slowly, and the pavement
lasts longer.
Seal coating helps maintain the value and use-
ful life of your asphalt surface. By properly maintaining an asphalt surface, you enhance the curb appeal of your property.
Cracks are routed to a 1-to-1 ratio, width versus depth, and are blown out with heated, com- pressed air to help the material to bond properly. Dura-Seal uses a hot-applied, federal spec rub-

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