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 Hosted Communication Solutions Are All Merging
SNBT Earns Multiple Awards
In Excellence In Financial Education
For the 20th year in a row, The Stephenson National Bank & Trust (SNBT) has earned the Certificate of Excellence Award from the Wis- consin Bankers Association (WBA). In addition, it has won its first Innovation in Financial Liter- acy Award. These awards, given annually, honor banks’ commitment to growing financial educa- tion in their communities.
SNBT is in good company among the 30 banks from around the state who received the Excel- lence in Financial Education award. In addition, SNBT employees were among the 104 bankers who received certificates recognizing their contri- butions of time and talent given to the commu- nity through financial education presentations.
The Innovation in Financial Literacy Award was given to SNBT for the work it has done at the Marinette County Jail. The Stephenson National Bank & Trust is a 145-year old inde- pendent community bank with over $1 billion in Bank, Mortgage, and Trust & Investment assets under management. For more information about The Stephenson National Bank & Trust visit
 Nick Sigan
Solutions Telecommunications
Remember when the power went out at your home and the only thing that worked was your telephone. The phone company brought low voltage into our homes and businesses on the phone wire, this powered the phones. That is still the case today. The main dial tone provider in a geographical area still brings power along with their dial tone. You might be wondering, wait a minute, when the power goes out today my phones are dead. The issue is a majority of today’s telephones have lots of bells buttons and
acronyms in this industry that any other field. It is all pretty much the same thing. People want to pick up a phone, hear dial tone, and make a call. The average caller does not care how that call is hopping around the grid – whether your voice goes through Chicago, Atlanta, or LA, who cares? As long as you can pick up the phone and clearly communicate, you are in business. Give us a call if you have any questions. We have some of the answers and know where to go to get the other answers.
whistles, they need their own source of power. They have a power plug as well as a telephone line. They both need to be plugged in to access dial tone. If the power is out newer phones won’t work. But if you went down into the base- ment and found that old dusty phone, it would work during the power outage. For a modern phone to work during a power outage, they would need a backup power source, like a bat- tery UPS unit, or a gener-
ator to kick on and power
them through the outage.
You would probably have
to call someone out of the
power outage area
though. It is likely your
neighbor’s phones are not powered up. So, keep that antique phone in the basement; it will work when the power is out.
What if you get your dial tone from the cable company? It works pretty much the same way. The cable company brings in their internet serv- ice, hands some of it off through their equip- ment as dial tone. this can be accessed by your existing phones through your existing phone wire. If the power goes out, backup power is going to be needed to keep the cable company’s equipment fired up to enable you to have the dial tone. In this case your old antique phone will not work as a backup. It has no powered
telephone line to work with, when you left your regular phone company and went with the Cable provider, you lost access to those powered phone lines.
Don’t worry, plain old-fashioned telephone service is going away. The transition is in gear and communications are becoming unified. Land lines, cell phones, internet-based phone lines, desktop computing, premised based PBX
equipment, VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol, Hosted com- munication solutions are all merging. It is becoming harder to differentiate the various deliv- ery channels for dial tone. Do not be alarmed, there are more
Communication is becoming
Corky Deroeck
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