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 DS Tech Educates Customers On Password Protection Policies To Keep Their Businesses Safe
Leading Unified Communications Helps SMBs Protect Their Enterprise Assets
ESCANABA, MI — December 2019 — DS Tech, an industry leader in unified communica- tions, announced today that the company is educating small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) on password protection policies to help safe- guard their businesses from a variety of threats.
Password management has become increas- ingly important with daily attacks from hackers specifically targeting SMBs. For example, 6 mil- lion LinkedIn account passwords were compro- mised just a couple of years ago and the list of breach has grown dramatically since. Anyone who has been using major social media sites, like LinkedIn, may have received a notification in the past couple months forcing them to reset their passwords. This is the result of the colossal breach in Internet security and DS Tech has taken the initiative to advise businesses on how to protect themselves.
As the Internet continues to expand in com- plexity, so do its vulnerabilities. In order for busi- ness owners to protect their organizations, they
need to utilize best practices in password securi- ty. Here are some steps that business owners can take immediately.
Never Use the Same Password Twice: One of the most effective ways to prevent breaches is also the simplest; never use the same password for multiple accounts. Strong, unique pass- words, with symbols, numbers and capital let- ters are usually far more effective than anything else.
Enable Two-Step Authentication/Verifica- tion: This is one of the other simple ways that a business can instantly upgrade the security of their entire network, by simply passing a com- pany policy. Two-step password authentication essentially means that when a user logs into their account, they’ll be required to confirm that log- in attempt by replying to a text message or phone call. This best practice makes it much harder for hackers to impersonate the true account owner because it requires them to have access to multiple accounts before their hacking attempts can be effective.
Stay Vigilant Against Phishing: Hackers have long relied on phishing, a common strategy
in which a hacker attempts to defraud an online account holder of financial information by pos- ing as a legitimate company. For example, a hacker will gain access to your account informa- tion by purchasing your email and password on the black market and then they will log into your email and send a desperate email to one of your contacts, posing as you. “John! My transmission just blew and I’m stranded out here. My phone is about to die. Can you send me $2,000 to this account? I’ll pay you back as soon as I get into town.” Users need to constantly remain vigilant against attacks like this because they are preva- lent and have proven effective over the years.
“While these are a few proactive steps a company can take in the right direction, they are only a mere shadow of what is possible if they work with a true managed IT services provider, like DS Tech, who is regularly monitoring, maintaining and optimizing the security of every device on a business’s network,” stated Eric Wakkuri, President of DS Tech. DS Tech partners with SMBs that need to secure a com- petitive advantage with advanced technology and want to remain focused on growing their
business, instead of keeping up on the latest in online security. “That’s our job,” said Mr. Wakkuri.
DS Tech, founded in 1976 as Delcomp, is a leading technology provider. The company’s mission is to increase its customers’ profitability, improve their productivity and give them a competitive advantage by implementing the right technology. DS Tech is the only provider that protects its customers from the two risks of technology - obsolescence and cost. As its cus- tomers’ trusted technology advisor, DS Tech has earned the position as the market leader and its customers’ business through quality products and services. DS Tech is the ultimate resource for Managed IT Services, Cloud Technology, Business Phone Systems (VoIP and Session Ini- tiation Protocol (SIP) provisioning), Network Security, Video Surveillance and Disaster Recovery. DS Tech delivers future technology today!
For more information on DS Tech Inc., call 906-786-1699 or visit

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