Page 11 - Upper Peninsula Business Today -- March 2018
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Michigan Broadband Launches Fiber Internet Services Announces Additional Fiber Investment in Escanaba
Michigan Broadband Services has completed Phase I of its fiber optic broadband network expansion in Escanaba. The initial build covers Ludington Street and south to Doctor’s Park and new customers installations are being scheduled. “Our initial fiber optic network investment is ready for service,” said Bruce Moore, President of Michigan Broadband Services. “The response to our new fiber internet and telephone services has been excellent, and we appreciate the support from the community.”
Additionally, Michigan Broadband is announcing Phase II of the Escanaba fiber build out to the western and northern areas of the business community. Service levels are available up to 1Gbs x 1Gbs in both phases of the network.
“Less than 6% of Michigan communities have access to 1Gbs broadband speeds, according to, and we’re very pleased to bring this level of service to Escanaba. I’m confident this network and investment will help bring future economic growth and employers to Escanaba, said Moore.”
Michigan Broadband Services and Upper Peninsula Telephone Company is based in Carney, MI and has a 110-year history of providing quality telecommunication services and customer service in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
If you would like more information about this topic, please contact at , or Todd Beauchamp at (906) 420-2277.
Lighting up Escanaba. MBBS has recently turned on, or as they say in the telecommunications world... Light it up! Why? because the new MBBS phone and internet is a 100% fiber optic network. What that means for Escanaba is super fast internet, competitive pricing, and a huge upgrade for the community. Best of all its provided by a strong local company.
Todd Beauchamp of MBBS said “that the addition of fiber optic will allow the town to offer some of the best technology available anywhere in the state. As internet use grows, and businesses are spending more time on line they realize they continue to need more bandwidth, speed, connectivity, and fiber does all that. Matter of fact the upgrade is important for a lot of reasons, one being the continued increase of streaming, and online cloud based applications. I feel we are very lucky MBBS choose Escanaba to build this network. I look forward to seeing how much this will help businesses. I’m excited for Escanaba’s future.”

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