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MARCH 2018
This month edition focuses on Retention, Recruitment & Job Readiness
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Making Customers
Feel Appreciated
Better Business Bureau
State Rep. Beau LaFave, of Iron Mountain, was joined by Daniel Harrington, (right) owner of Iron Mountain-based U.P. Propane, as a guest during the 2018 State of the State speech today in the state Capitol.
“Job creation is crucial to Michigan, and especially in the Upper Peninsula. That is why I have worked closely with locally owned businesses, learning about the challenges they face while finding ways to encourage their growth to help my fellow U.P. residents,” LaFave said. “I’m honored Daniel was able to join me for the governor’s speech to see what we’re doing in Lansing for the south-central U.P.”
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Holidays seem like the perfect time to show your customers you care. The December holi- days and even Valentine’s Day were great times to send your customers a holiday card, dis- counts, gifts, etc. But now that the holidays are over, are you taking the time to ensure your cus- tomers feel appreciated?
As it is written in Forbes, “people do business with people they like.” It is as simple as that. If your customers feel appreciated, they are more likely to continue doing business with you. Sometimes it’s even as simple as saying “thank you.” The goal here is to take that extra step in showing your customers that whether they are your largest client or the smallest, they matter to you.
“By investing in client development, you are creating a relationship that is vital to your busi- ness’ success,” said Melanie Duquesnel, Presi- dent and CEO of Better Business Bureau Serv- ing Eastern Michigan. “Showing appreciation toward your customers can go a long way in ensuring you retain those customers as well as receive recommendations for future clients.”
Displaying gratitude doesn’t have to be an extravagant ordeal; it can be done in several sim- ple ways. BBB gives these five easy tips to show your customers you care all year long.
• Feature a customer on your social media channels. If you have a success story with a client, or someone who was simply satisfied with your product or services, ask them to share their expe- rience with others. Ask them to put it in writing,
and share it on your social media platforms along with a picture of the client, or the work you did for them.
• Make check-in calls. Do you have long- standing customers or clients that you’ve done repeat business with? Consider stopping by their house, place of business, or even just picking up the phone to say “thank you.”
• Send a card or letter. If you don’t have time to call or stop by, consider putting something in writing. It can be as simple as a thank you card or postcard. Handwritten notes go a long way! A handwritten note makes your correspondence more personal for the client.
• Offer a discount, special package, or freebie. People love discounts and free stuff! Consider putting together a special package of some sort; it can be a discount or even special service you provide. You can also consider giving out a free gift when customers buy your services or products in bulk.
• Provide great customer service. It may seem obvious but by providing exemplary customer service, you are signifying that you care about the customer’s needs. It is important that when your client reaches out to you that they get the help they need in a timely and effortless fashion.
Don’t limit your expressions of gratitude to the holidays only; let your customers know you appreciate them all year long. If you invest in customer relations and appreciation, you will boost consumer confidence and keep them coming back.

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