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DS Tech Addresses State of the Union For Technology in 2018
Houghton Airport
Gets Grant For
The Houghton County Memorial Airport got ready for winter in a big way this year with a $1.6 million grant from the Federal Aviation Admin- istration.
The money went to rehabilitate the airport’s runway and apron, or surrounding area, and pur- chase snow removal equipment that will make clearing the runways more efficient.
“The Houghton County Memorial Airport helps bolster the local economy by connecting Keweenaw Peninsula residents and businesses with the world,” says U.S. Senator Gary Peters, who announced the grant with fellow Senator Debbie Stabenow. “This additional support will help the airport make important equipment and infrastructure updates that are critical to keeping air travel safe and efficient.”
U.P. Gets Two New Craft Breweries
Kingsford and Marquette are now home to two more Upper Peninsula breweries. As Michi- gan’s craft beer scene booms, the U.P. is definitely not falling behind.
Some of the most well-known craft beers from across the state are made here, like those from Keweenaw Brewing Company and Upper Hand Brewing, or Marquette’s well-supported favorites, Black Rocks and Ore Dock.
Now, Barrel and Beam in Marquette and the 51st State Brewing Company in Kingsford are aiming to add their names to the ranks this year.
Barrel and Beam
Barrel and Beam is located outside of Mar- quette in the old Northwoods Supper Club. The big property closed in 2007 and had been rumored for several creative development proj- ects, with the successful one being a craft brewery. Founder and head brewer Nick VanCourt, for- merly at the Ore Dock.
Location is at 260 Northwoods Road in Marquette.
51st State Brewing Co.
Located at 115 Harding Avenue in Kingsford, the 51st State Brewing Co. is open for business. They describe their establishment as a “com-
munity microbrewery with awesome craft beer, great wood-fired pizzas, and good times.”
51st State celebrated its first brewing in late December.
Leading Managed Technology Services Provider Prepares Business Owners for Future
Escanaba, MI — January 30, 2018– DS Tech, a leader in managed technolo- gy services, announced today that the company sharing its predic- tions for the future of the technology sector. DS Tech is preparing business
owners for the anticipated technology explosion in 2018. One of the bases for this prediction is the growing number of employed individuals and the omnipresent demand for technology in the modern workplace.
According to CNN Money, “Unemployment inched down to 4.1%” which is the lowest unemployment rate in the last 17 years. Further- more, Goldman Sachs predicts the unemploy- ment rate to tumble to 3.5% by the end of 2019. The last time unemployment was 3.5% was December 1969, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
With more and more tech-savvy Millennials entering the workforce and Baby Boomers retir- ing, the demand for technology is inevitably on- the-rise. Millennials have been raised with tech- nology as a central part of their environment, and in some cases a central part of their identity, and the progression into the workplace is simply a logical conclusion at this point. “Millennials don’t think of technology as an accessory, in many cases they consider it more important than face-to-face interpersonal skills. There is no doubt that the demand for technological solu- tions will continue to explode in 2018,” stated Eric Wakkuri, Vice President of DS Tech.
As the economy continues to skyrocket, com- panies across the board are looking for ways to increase investment in their organizations and to set themselves up for a successful future. “As business owners start looking for ways to strengthen their organizations, technology always provides ROI as long as it satisfies two main considerations. First, it must provide a true cost of ownership. Many technology expendi-
tures are initially small, but require huge rein- vestments in supplemental equipment, hard- ware and software to keep the technology work- ing properly in the long-run. From a financial standpoint, business owners should only pur- chase technology that includes these considera- tions in the initial investment and provides a true, fixed cost of ownership. Second, the tech- nology must eliminate the risk of obsolescence. All technology investments should be dynamic in nature, as opposed to static, in order to cir- cumvent the inevitable obsolescence of technol- ogy. In the same way that your iPhone is contin- uously upgraded and improved with new soft- ware without the owner incurring any additional expense, the same should apply to business tech- nology investments,” concluded Wakkuri.
As more individuals enter the work- force, businesses will need to leverage new col- laboration tools, similar to Slack or Salesforce, even more than ever before. As the workforce grows, the demand for high-functioning com- munication tools obviously follows suit. Addi- tionally, business owners may want to consider investments in cloud-based technologies because of their inherent flexibility and ability to scale cost-effectively. Regardless of detail, tech- nology is set to explode in 2018 and business owners would do well to prepare themselves accordingly, and position themselves for success.
About DS Tech
DS Tech, founded in 1976 as Delcomp, is a
leading technology provider. The company’s mission is to increase its customers’ profitability, improve their productivity and give them a com- petitive advantage by implementing the right technology. DS Tech is the only provider that protects its customers from the two risks of tech- nology - obsolescence and cost. As its customers’ trusted technology advisor, DS Tech has earned the position as the market leader and its cus- tomers’ business through quality products and services. DS Tech is the ultimate resource for Managed IT Services, Cloud Technology, Busi- ness Phone Systems (VoIP and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) provisioning), Network Security, Video Surveillance and Disaster Recovery. DS Tech delivers future technology today!
For more information on DS Tech Inc., call 906-786-1699 or visit
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