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Bunker Manufacturing Incorporated Celebrating 50th Anniversary
SAULT STE. MARIE — Bunker Manufac- turing, Inc. will be celebrating its 50th anniver- sary of incorporation on February 5th.
They would like to express a sincere and heart- felt “Thank you” to all who have and are an instrumental part of the company’s continued growth and success including employees, cus- tomer’s (large and small), family and friends.
Business history up to current date are noted below:
The business started in a small building in Algonquin when the original co-founders Bob and Wanda Bunker moved their four children into the back of the building into a two bed- room apartment and turned the front into a hardware shop and small machine shop. This is where Bob, as a young entrepreneur began on the first of his inventions; utilizing his basement to produce an expandable leaf rake, which he then patented.
In the mid 60’s, as the business started to grow, they moved into one of the former Camp Lucas barracks buildings, with a stop along the way at a location on 3 Mile Road. Bob began traveling
to make sales calls; obtaining contracts for trencher teeth and automotive stampings. In 1969, the company was incorporated.
In 1974, the company moved to its current
In 1990, as Bob and Wanda wanted to travel more, their son Kelley Bunker, daughter Brenda Coullard and her husband Jamie Coullard took on management roles. At that time, the compa-
updates to railroad bridges and structural beams/columns for numerous buildings throughout the U.P. and Northern Lower Peninsula; including Mackinac Island. They held contracts with the Dept. of Interior, man- ufacturing swing gates for wildlife refuges in North Carolina, stoplogs and guides for the DNR Shiawassee River and the US Fish & Wildlife Dept., as well as, a Navigational Cell for the Neebish Island Light Cell.
Bunker Manufacturing, Inc. has been a sub- contractor offering boring mill work and numerous machine shop related services during the Sault Locks winter shutdown and upgrad- ing. In 2017 to 2018 they supplied materials for the West Center Pier Project, Cover Plates for the Poe Lock Electrical Project and fabrication/bushing work for the Poe and MacArthur Lock Embedded Gate Anchorage Replacement as well as Quoin/Miter Blocks for the Poe Lock.
Quite a history and Brenda wants to recognize the fact that it was because of her parents, the company exists and her and husband Jamie are proud to still be a part of its success.
location (1501 W. 12th Street) in the Sault Ste. Marie Industrial Park. They were still manufac- turing automotive stampings, as well as, held contracts for a large number of parts under the Department of Defense Tank Program. Bob also manufactured his second invention, which was a pneumatically controlled wire weaving machine for fireplace screens, which was des- tined to a factory in British Columbia.
ny became more diversified, adding structural steel metal fabrication for building construction to their services. Thereafter, Bob also began his third invention for a remote controlled “cart tug” for retrieval of shopping carts which folks may have seen at Walmart.
In 2011, Brenda and Jamie Coullard became the sole managers. Some of the more recent projects have been in supplying material for

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