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Solutions Telecommunications
Solutions Telecommunications has been around for 50 years. Founded in Escanaba as Great Lakes Telephone in the early 70’s, Solu- tions Telecommunications has been providing communication products and services to busi- nesses throughout the UP and Northeastern Wisconsin for a long time. In 1984, Bell Tele- phone was deregulated and divested itself of its phone equipment business. We were positioned to take advantage of that newly opened market and became the first company to sell phone sys- tems to businesses in the Upper Peninsula. Throughout the years we have sold thousands of business phone systems. No one has sold more systems in the Upper Peninsula than Solutions has. Years ago, when Michigan Bell developed Centrex phone lines, we were contracted to sell that service throughout this area of Michigan. Bell would send the company plane up to Escan- aba, pick up our staff, and fly all over the Upper Peninsula selling Bell Centrex services. From Michigan Bell we moved on to partner with Ameritech, and then SBC / AT&T. For many years, we were the only AT&T Solution Provider located in the Upper Peninsula. In addition to the phone equipment we sell and service, we are a tech company and sell the products & services necessary for voice and data connectivity. Our customer base is comprised of thousands of sat- isfied small, medium, and large business cus- tomers. We are relied upon for service and sup- port of all aspects of business communications. For instance, we service the Upper Peninsula’s
911 Emergency Services System for the Michi- gan State Police. We earned this business, the support of first responders, through years of dependable service. We are qualified with suffi- cient experience and the resources required to support all current and future communication needs. We are low-voltage experts and a Mission Critical Hubbell Certified installer of commu- nication cabling and wiring with other certifica- tions in multiple areas across multiple product lines.
Today, our focus is on the technological shift taking place in the way businesses communicate. Whether businesses are looking for VoIP, Host- ed, Digital, or a Hybrid Business Communica- tion Systems, we know what is available and what would be the best solution to meet a busi- ness’s unique needs. Our certified technicians service most major brands of phone systems. We roll vans all over the Upper Peninsula & North- eastern Wisconsin. We sell all the services and peripheral equipment that apply to voice, data and internet connectivity. We have dealer agree- ments with many network companies, tele- phone companies, cable companies, internet companies, and suppliers. Some of the more rec- ognizable companies we partner with are: AT&T, Telnet Worldwide, and Charter / Spec- trum Business Communications. We are a single point of contact for every aspect of business communications. All this from a single idea in 1974: “We could help businesses communicate better”. And now we do.
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