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 DS Tech Teaches Customes What To Watch Out For When Taking Their Voice Technology To The Cloud
Salmen Elected To SNBT Board Of Directors
Greg Salmen has been elected as the newest member of The Stephenson National Bank & Trust (SNBT) board of directors; he succeeds Jeff Townsend, who retired from the board late last year.
“As the bank’s Executive Vice President, Greg has already been sharing his leadership and professionalism with SNBT,” said Daniel J. Peterson, SNBT President & CEO. “With this added role, we’ll continue to harness those tremendous talents to broaden SNBT’s success as a strong, independent, community bank.”
Salmen joined SNBT in 2002 and is respon- sible for overseeing SNBT’s Investment Man- agement and Trust Services Department. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Southwest Minnesota State University. He completed the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the American Bankers Association National Trust School, the Nation- al Graduate Trust School, and the Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA) Leadership Development program. He is a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designa- tion. Salmen and his wife, Cindie, reside in Peshtigo, WI. Together, they have three grown children.
 Leading Provider Educates Companies on the Proper Path to Success
ESCANABA, MI — Jan. 2020 — DS Tech, a leading provider of unified communi- cations, announced today that the company has launched an awareness campaign to its customers educating them on how to transi- tion their phones and infrastructure technolo- gy to the cloud. The core message that DS Tech is sharing is the migration of your com- pany’s technology to the cloud can be either the best thing you’ve ever done or the worst thing. Most companies are drawn to the imme- diate slash in expenses and expanded func- tionality, which is the main driver behind the widespread adoption of cloud voice. DS Tech has summarized the main points that their cus- tomers need to know about in order to make this transition as smooth as possible.
The first decision that a business owner needs to be aware of is that there are two dis- tinct ways of purchasing the technology. In the world of cloud-technology, especially that of cloud voice, this is particularly important to sort out. The first way is to purchase the tech- nology from off the Internet. This method is very attractive to first-time buyers because the only things that a purchaser needs to know is how many phones their office will need and how many lines they will need to route calls. They plug these numbers in, get a price, pur- chase them, the phones are then boxed up, shipped out and the only instructions for installation are to plug them into the wall. However, while this method is faster at the outset, it usually causes big problems shortly thereafter. For example, cloud phones only work well when there is enough bandwidth available for them to utilize. When a company just plugs their cloud phones into the wall, without assessing the network to make sure
that it can support this technology, a company predestines itself for failure. This can be avoided, by taking the time to do a network analysis.
When an organization purchases cloud phones from the Internet, there are plenty of challenges like the above example, that crop up. With hundreds of these types of compa- nies sprouting up, they usually have a very- short term, transactional approach to business. This philosophy leads to them not taking the time to properly understand their customer’s business, find out what their customer would like to accomplish and to assess what would be the most ideal way to utilize technology to accomplish that objective. Furthermore, online cloud voice providers have a mindset of “dialing for dollars” and once the equip- ment is sold and shipped they essentially walk away from any form of customer service. In response to high cancellation rates, many of these companies have required customers to enter long-term contracts, trapping them into a forced relationship.
A much more intelligent way to purchase this technology is through a reputable, local provider who is part of your business commu- nity. By taking this route, the company inher- ently has a higher capacity to understand your business objectives and strategic outcomes, which ultimately leads to perfectly fitting technology. Local providers understand the need to perform an initial analysis to gain a global perspective on your technology infra- structure, and can often make improvements that not only ensure the quality of your cloud phones, but of all technology that runs on the network. Other signs that you are dealing with a reputable provider is that they take the time to educate you on firewalls, they ensure proper bandwidth allocation and explain QoS (Qual- ity of Service) as well. These all have giant implications on the performance of the tech-
nology on your LAN (Local Area Network). Another great sign is when the company has highly experienced, certified technicians who can install the technology themselves, instead of leaving it in the hands of their customers, who are not trained in these facets. However, the most important factor to watch for, which ensures aligned incentives from the begin- ning, is month-to-month contracts. When a provider puts their “money where their mouth is” and essentially says that “If the technology doesn’t perform as expected, you can cancel anytime,” you are predestined for a mutually beneficial relationship. DS Tech is one such provider and they recommend that whoever you do business with, even if it’s not DS Tech, you make sure that you’re dealing with a rep- utable provider who meets these conditions.
While it’s completely clear that dealing with a reputable company is the most intelligent way to purchase technology and migrate to the cloud, this begs the question of affordability. The punch line for business owners is that whether they purchase from an online compa- ny or from a reputable company, the price they ending up paying is the same! This was the catalyst for DS Tech’s desire to launch this awareness campaign.
“Our goal is to let the performance of our technology speak for itself,” stated Eric Wakkuri, President of DS Tech. “We earn our relationships with customers by building a strong relationship, earning their trust month- by-month and taking responsibility for the performance of their technology as if it were our own business. We are playing the long- term game and the results have been excellent so far. We aspire to be an example of what’s possible in a true partnership, where our cus- tomers’ success is our success.”
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