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APRIL 2018
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TriMedia Environmental & Engineering Services
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Michigan Broadband Services Completes
First Phase Of Optic Network Expansion
By Ilsa Matthes
ESCANABA — Michigan Broadband Serv- ices has completed the first phase of its fiber optic broadband network expansion in Escanaba. At this phase of the project, the network is capable of providing high speed internet access to busi- ness customers along Ludington Street and south to Doctors Park.
“We picked Escanaba because we liked the business climate, we liked the leadership of the community, and it’s in close proximity to our existing operation in the Upper Peninsula,” said Michigan Broadband Services President Bruce Moore.
A division of Carney-based Upper Peninsula Telephone Company, Michigan Broadband Services aims to draw off UPTC’s 110-year his- tory of providing telecommunication services to U.P. customers while bringing the latest net- working technology to the region.
“We’re differentiating ourselves not only by bringing the latest and greatest technology, but we’re an ... Upper Peninsula company,” said Moore.
While traditional broadband internet transfers data by sending electrical pulses down metal lines, fiber optic lines transmit information using beams of light. The lines are made of strands of glass and are constructed in a way that
prevents the light from escaping as it is transmit- ted — meaning information moves quickly and there is no loss of data even over long distances. Also, because the lines are not metallic, there is no risk of data transfers being slowed or lost entirely due to electrical or magnetic interfer- ence.
Fiber optic lines are also unique in that they are not limited by their physical size and design the same way traditional copper lines are. If a busi- ness needs to increase the amount of bandwidth they use, Michigan Broadband Services would only need to reprogram that businesses connec- tion to the fiber optic network, not upgrade the lines themselves.
“I look forward to seeing how much this will help businesses. I’m excited for Escanaba’s future,” said Todd Beauchamp of Michigan Broadband Services.
“Less than six percent of Michigan communi- ties have access to 1Gbs broadband speeds, according to, and we’re very pleased to bring this level of service to Escanaba. I’m confident this network and investment will help bring future economic growth and employers to Escanaba,” said Moore.
Two more phases are planned for the expan- sion of fiber optic network.
We will buy... Hardwood Veneer & Sawlogs –Also Standing Timber–
We also offer landowners assistance
“A Well Managed Hardwood Forest Is Our Future”
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