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It’s Essential To Take Extra Care When Planning
For Your Business
Better Business Bureau
Whether you have a company with dozens of employees or you’re the sole proprietor of your business, it’s essential to take extra care when planning for your business’ future. As a contrac- tor, you should always be thinking about growth. Staying stationary will get you nowhere.
“It’s a busy time of year for contractors, which means it’s more important now than ever to ensure you are getting your business’ name in front of potential customers,” said Melanie Duquesnel, BBB President and CEO. “You have to make sure your business is visible and stands out in the crowd.”
Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Michi- gan and the Upper Peninsula offers these tips to help you grow your business.
Market Your Business – This is the most important step in getting in front of your target audience. Whether you are just starting out of you’ve been in business for 50 years, you will always be building your brand. As technology grows, it’s important your marketing does as well.
Social Media – According to Statista, 79 per- cent of the US population is on social media. Having a social media presence allows you to connect with your customers or prospective cus- tomers daily. You can upload photos and videos or current and past jobs. It’s a great free way to showcase your work. The most popular social media sites for consumers are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It also never hurts to create a LinkedIn account. This would allow you to con- nect with other professionals in your trade.
Sales – Whether you do your own sales pitch,
or you have a sales team, it’s important to have a sales presentation. Invest in sales training courses, either online or in your city. Also watch sales videos on what works for your type of busi- ness. Your business relies on sales. If you have no clients, you have no business.
Hiring – Whether you are hiring employees or subcontractors, you must learn the local hiring requirements. If you’re hiring employees, you must ensure you are abiding by OSHA and local requirements. If you’re hiring a subcontractor, then you will need to check the local require- ments in your service areas. Make sure you save all documentation and keep up with any new laws or requirements that might affect you.
Website – It is important to have a professional looking website where future customers can go to learn about your business and services. This is critical a critical step to creating a relationship with the client. Customers want to do business with a professional so you must present yourself as such.
Network – Get involved with your local chap- ter of a trade association. It’s important to net- work with other professionals in your trade. You never know what you might be able to learn from someone else or what you may be able to off to others.
This is just the beginning of all the things you have to do as an entrepreneur. BBB is here to help make your business better. To learn about BBB Accreditation and how you can show your business is trustworthy and reputable, visit or call 866-788-5706.
Alpena, and covers the entire Upper Peninsula of the state.

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