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5 Key Factors To Understand When Selecting Cloud Voice Provider
UP Natural Gas-fueled Power Plants May Soon Be Operating, Officials Say
Lisa Bowers-Mining Journal MARQUETTE — Two new sources of
Upper Peninsula energy generation are expect- ed to go into commercial operation in a matter of months.
Construction activities at the Upper Michi- gan Energy Resources Corp.’s F.D. Kuester Generating Station in Negaunee Township and the A.J. Mihm Generating Station in Baraga County are “essentially complete,” UMERC spokesperson Amy Jahns said in a recent email.
No specific date has been set for commercial operation of the two natural gas-fueled power plants, Jahns said.
“We are in the testing phase of generation and plan to start commercial operation once testing is complete,” Jahns said. “The construc- tion process has gone very well and we have not encountered any significant roadblocks.”
The two facilities are expected to provide 183 megawatts of power, a large percentage of which is expected to be used by the Cleveland- Cliffs Inc.’s Tilden Mine.
The generation stations will replace the aging coal-fired Presque Isle Power Plant in Marquette once they begin operation.
“We are still on track for the retirement of the We Energies Presque Isle Power Plant sometime in April or May,” Jahns said.
UMERC officials do not expect rates to increase at the time the new generation goes online, Jahns said, pointing out that the plants themselves should represent a cost-savings for customers.
WEC Energy Group, parent company to UMERC and We Energies, has funded the entire $275 million project, she said, which is expectedtodelivernearly$600millionincus- tomer savings over the next 30 years.
“Our plan has eliminated the need for costly transmission upgrades that would bring sav- ings to not only UMERC customers, but every- one in the Upper Peninsula,” Jahns said. “Only half of the investment is placed into rates. The other half is covered by a 20-year agreement we have with Cleveland-Cliffs.”
Construction of the stations began in April 2018.
Eric Wakkuri
LeaderinManagedTechnologyServicesEdu- cates Customers on Importance of Choosing the Right Cloud Voice Solution for Your Business
ESCANABA, MI — January 2019 — DS Tech, a leading managed technology services provider, announced today that the company has collected and documented the five telltale signs to look out for when selecting a cloud voice provider. With the appeal of enhanced office productivity and increased profitability, it’s no surprise that this technology has taken off. As the benefits of cloud voice continue to stack up, many small and mid-sized businesses are won- dering how to choose the right solution. DS Tech outlines the five most important aspects to consider when evaluating cloud voice.
Strong, Local Presence in the Business Com- munity: Even before you consider the solution selecting the right company to install and service cloud technology is the first step. One of the most important factors to look for is a technol- ogy company that operates in the same area that you do. They have a foundational understand- ing of the market that you are in, they under- stand the culture, and can administer customer service very quickly. When your partner has a presenceinyourcommunityyoucaninstantly make changes and interact directly in case any issues ever come up. Inexperienced remote providers can often hide in the Internet abyss, so they don’t have to deal with installation prob- lems. Focus on finding a partner that is always willing to meet face-to-face and generate solu- tions to problems as they arise.
Understand the 3 Critical Factors to Successful Installation: Businesses need to make sure that
they are working with a technology company who is well educated in the technical side of a transaction. The 3 most important factors are Quality of Service, a Proper Router and POE Switches. Installing a communications system without paying attention to these aspects can instantly jeopardize performance and call clarity. This is where inexperienced companies cause the infamous jitter, latency and lack of redun- dancy that annoy many of today’s users. When an inexperienced provider sells a boxed, “plug and play” solution, the system usually will not work properly. Without properly assessing the network and reorganizing it so everything is streamlined, users experience a messy network withlotsofdroppedcallsintheshort-term,and expensive re-installs in the long-term. More experienced providers understand the complex- ity and can actually streamline this intricate web of information to deliver better performing cloud voice technology and in some cases, reduce turn their phone system into a profit cen- ter.
Offering a Premium/Low-Price Model. The problem here is that low-cost solutions usually do nothing for the business in the long-term, as they lack scalability. Business owners are usually prone to purchasing barebones systems, but in the long-term these end up being much more expensive, due to the shoddy foundation that low-price systems usually offer. As the business starts to scale, more features become necessary and communication infrastructure grows in complexity. Usually the low-price solutions are limited in their functionality, which means that as the business grows and demands more from their communications infrastructure, they won’tbeabletogetthisfunctionality.Simply put, these limitations usually lead to patchwork solutions that can’t stand the test of time. Look for providers who assess your business needs in the long-term and refuse to take the quick cash to eventually leave you with a magnified prob- lem later.
Negotiation Power with the Carrier. Some of the best features of phone systems require suc-
cessful integration with telecommunication car- riers. Local providers have the ability to port numbers, allocate proper bandwidth and probe the network to determine whether the carrier can support the bandwidth demands you will be placing on them. This is another reason why only local providers are best suited for business interactions.
Long-Term Contracts. Plainly put, only deal with companies that don’t require long-term contracts. The fundamental reality of a long-term contract is that it favors an under- performing provider. This misaligns incentives and shifts the transaction in favor of the provider rather than the needs of the customer. Deal with acompanythathasenoughfaithintheirability to serve their customers so well that they propose a month-to-month, cancel-anytime agreement. This will eliminate a lot of providers from the equation but does wonders to ensure that your provider’s incentives are aligned with your best interests. Most companies that get caught in those contracts find that they are virtually unbreakable. If you see a long-term contract, run.
By focusing on these criteria, businesses can ensure that they are working with only the best providers, who will leave them with a more pow- erful, robust and efficient network to run their business.
DS Tech, founded in 1976 as Delcomp, is a leading technology provider. The company’s mission is to increase its customers’ profitability, improve their productivity and give them a competitive advantage by implementing the right technology. DS Tech is the only provider that protects its customers from the two risks of technology - obsolescence and cost. As its cus- tomers’ trusted technology advisor, DS Tech has earned the position as the market leader and its customers’ business through quality products andservices.DSTechistheultimateresourcefor Managed IT Services, Cloud Technology, Busi- ness Phone Systems (VoIP and Session Initia- tion Protocol (SIP) provisioning), Network Security, Video Surveillance and Disaster Recovery. DS Tech delivers future technology today!
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Cloud Technology Is The First Step
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