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APRIL 2019
Building A Better Future With Fraco
Marc Mogan
Ameriprise Financial Services Inc.
For many of us, the new year means a fresh start
and the chance to set new goals. If your resolu- tions are money related, here are some ways to strengthen your financial foundation in 2019.
— Review your financial picture: As the saying goes, it’s hard to know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Review your investments and savings, and consider where you have opportunities to improve your situa- tion. Reflecting on the financial decisions you made — or wish you made — in the last year can be an eye-opening exercise to help you decide what to focus on in the year ahead.
— Prioritize saving for retirement: The reality today is that Americans are more responsible for their retirement than previous generations because pensions are increasingly less common. Although retirement may feel far away, the ear- lier you increase the amount you’re contributing annually, the more you can harness the power of compounding interest. Maximizing the amount you contribute to an individual retirement account and increasing the percentage of your paycheck going into your 401(k) are two ways to boost your retirement savings.
— Consider your goals: If you are setting other new year’s resolutions, such as hiring a personal trainer, mastering a new skill or traveling over- seas, incorporate the cost of pursuing these activ- ities into your budget.
— Consider paying more toward your mort- gage: If you have a mortgage on your primary or vacation home, evaluate if it makes sense to elim- inate the debt before retirement. Paying extra each month may reduce your cash flow in the near term, but it can be worth it if you want to enter retirement mortgage free. Accelerating your payments may have tax implications, so review your situation with a tax professional before making this a financial focus in the year ahead.
— Check your credit score: The new year is a great time to review your credit report for accu-
racy. Three credit reporting agencies Trans Union, Equifax and Experian, are required by law allow you to receive one free copy of your report annually. Keep in mind that reports may vary between agencies. If you plan to purchase a new boat, car, vacation home or another big item soon, checking your credit score (and improving it, if necessary) can help inform you of what interest rate you may qualify for.
— Seek professional advice: If you are balanc- ing multiple financial goals, know that it’s pos- sible to make progress toward each if you are intentional about how to allocate your dollars. Talking to a financial advisor can help you sort out your priorities and decide on a strategy for the new year. Professionals also provide account- ability, helping you stay focused on the big pic- ture.
It takes discipline to remain focused on saving and spending in alignment with your long-term goals. As you think about the year ahead, remember that a little effort today can make a big difference in helping you feel more confident about your financial future.
Fraco Inc. is the Upper Peninsula’s leading supplier for concrete block, redi-mix, tile, floor- ing, landscaping products and masonry supplies but it is not just for contractors with big proj- ects.
“We offer flooring of all types and much more,” said Fraco Office Manager Missy Bengry. “We sell to everyone.”
With more than 70 years in business, Fraco offers great selection and price to those doing huge projects or those doing a little work on their home.
Fraco has its gorgeous new showroom along U.S. 41 in Marquette as well as its longtime yard/plant along Cherry Creek Road in Harvey where much of the product is stored. But don’t let the beauty of the showroom throw you: Fraco’s prices are totally competitive with oth- ers.
The showroom offers a destination for anyone looking to design a project with the help of Fraco’s selection specialist, Chris Richards.
The beautiful new Fraco showroom located along U.S. 41 West in Marquette highlights just some of the many products the company carries — all at very competitive prices.
“Chris is an expert with this and she’s studying interior design as well,” Missy said. “She’s some- one who is here to help you select items so they will work with the whole room.”
Chris added: “I help you make sure what you buy coordinates with what you already have. So you can, for instance, bring in a sample of the paint on your wall and I can help you select flooring that will work with it. We go above and beyond for our customers.”
Missy said: “Chris can help people visualize what the end result will be. So many people can’t do that.”
The new showroom may be in close proximity with “big box” stores but that’s not Fraco’s style at all.
“We’re more of a boutique style but we price competitively with the big box stores, but add much more of a personalized service and have people with great knowledge in the field,” Missy said.
joined the Fraco team.
“Joe came here after Matthews Floor Fashions
closed. We snagged him up as we know Joe has 28 years in the business. He is a specialist in flooring and flooring installation,” Missy said.
“Each person who works here has a special niche, they can be of specific help in specific areas,” Missy said. “All of our staff has years of experience within the field.”
Fraco’s showroom is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and also from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays. People are welcome to stop in any time or to make an appointment.
Fraco carries a wide variety of the best brands including DalTile, Karndean, Mannington, Armstrong, Vitamax, Interceramic, Lint, Para- mount, Wedi, Schluter, and Natural Stone and Cultured Stone veneers.
“Not only are we your premier flooring and stone supplier, we also specialize in ICF (Insulat- ing Concrete Forms),” Chris said. “ICFs offer great energy efficiency and insulation value. We can have someone on staff come to show you how to set up and you can install them yourself.”
And in the near future, Fraco will be able to offer installation service for tile and flooring.
To learn more about Fraco and all it has to offer, call 906-249-1476; visit its website at fra-; or find them on Facebook by search- ing for Fraco Concrete Products.
Or stop in the showroom to meet the crew that can make your home improvement dreams come true.
Building The Financial Foundation In 2019
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