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DS Tech Offers Next Generation Cybersecurity Solutions
Beth Millner Jewelry
by Jan Wagar
Beth Millner started her business in 2007 out
of her tiny kitchen while she was still a student attending Northern Michigan University. After she graduated, she spent several months trav- eling and showing her pieces at various art and music festivals. When she returned to the Upper Peninsula, she was able to steadily grow her business over the next five years. It started with a small studio and part time help, and in 2012 she was able to open a storefront in downtown Marquette, Michigan. Today, Beth has 6 full time and 2 part time employees, and has expanded her business both locally and online.
When she began her business, she did so with the intention to create artisan jewelry that was fabricated in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Every piece in the shop is handmade from recycled metal, and most of our copper is sourced locally from the former White Pine Mine in Ontonagon, Michigan. We offer certified recycled diamonds for unique engagement rings, and Great Lakes gemstones sourced regionally. In shop, we use recycled, repurposed, and green options whenever pos- sible. Beth also has a strong commitment to giving back to our community. In addition to collaborating with various local organizations to launch our fundraiser jewelry pieces, she allocates money quarterly to give to local char- ities, and donates 10% of our earnings from Ladies Night to the Women’s Center.
Beth is committed to empowering women in her shop, and in the local community. Over the years, she has employed talented women, many from Northern Michigan University and the art program. Her business model is specif- ically designed to help employees move up in the company, and gain new skills along the way. She supports other artists in the commu- nity as well by sponsoring awards for the grad- uating senior art students as well as Art on the Rocks. Beth also speaks at a variety of events, giving business advice in the community and online.
Women can face unique barriers on the job market and in the workplace. Here at Beth Millner, we are tackling these issues on a local level. It’s a small step, but we’d like to think that local movements can lead to larger ones. Making mindful decisions that support employees and the community can only help our businesses continue to expand and thrive. Beth Millner Jewelry is located at 521 W. Washington, Marquette. 906-226-3540.
SMBs Now Experiencing Cyberattacks That Have Taken Down Large Enterprises
MIDWEST — March 2019 – DS Tech, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), is helping small to mid-sized business- es (SMBs) equip themselves with the necessary cybersecurity protections that every modern company needs to survive. Over the past, large organizations including Target, Equifax, Yahoo and now, Marriott, are being breached by cyberattacks. While these companies have huge IT budgets and dozens of IT staff to ward off attacks like these, they still have proven vulner- able. SMBs face the same level of cyberattacks and must take the proper precautions to protect their customers’ data as well as their own infor- mation from being compromised.
Cybercrime now outstrips all other organized crime combined. As larger enterpris- es are forced to invest in the strength of their IT infrastructure, via policies and penalties, cyber- criminals will only have one place to go, small businesses. The most recent company to be in the news as the result of an attack is Marriott International. According to Time Magazine, “’The hack affects some 500 million guests, and for about 327 million of them, the data includ- ed passport numbers, emails and mailing addresses,’ Marriott said. Some credit card
details may also have been taken.’”
Eric Wakkuri, President of DS Tech
added, “The bottom line is that if an SMB is hit with an attack like this, through penalties and damage to company reputation, it would very likely put them out of business. Coincidentally, this serious problem is actually relatively simple to remedy.”
Most companies have already taken a few precautionary measures, they have a back- up and disaster recovery solution, firewalls, AV malware solutions and perhaps another compo- nent here or there. Yet, hackers thrive on busi- nesses that are utilizing obsolete technology to run their business. If businesses want to ensure their compliance with new regulations as well as to ensure that they don’t get hit with massive, unexpected fines, they need remain current with cybersecurity. In other words, they need to be utilizing next generation cybersecurity solu- tions to remain one step ahead of hackers.
DS Tech leverages sophisticated next generation cybersecurity solutions that includes darkweb monitoring, email filters with mal- ware protection, staffed 24x7 security opera- tions centers (SOC), password vaults, quarterly network vulnerability scans, DNS “dangerous website” blockers, phishing simulators, security awareness training to educate companies on what emails and web sites not to click on, and
expanded AV malware protection.
“Minimal protection simply doesn’t
cut it, anymore,” commented Wakkuri. “We have made a significant investment in cyberse- curity technology, educating our team of pro- fessionals, and achieving a variety of cybersecu- rity certifications. This has given us a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace, but more importantly we have the tools and knowl- edge to provide an unparalleled cybersecurity offering to our customers.”
DS Tech, founded in 1976 as Delcomp, is
a leading technology provider. The company’s mission is to increase its customers’ profitability, improve their productivity and give them a competitive advantage by implementing the right technology. DS Tech is the only provider that protects its customers from the two risks of technology - obsolescence and cost. As its cus- tomers’ trusted technology advisor, DS Tech has earned the position as the market leader and its cus- tomers’ business through quality products and servic- es. DS Tech is the ultimate resource for Managed IT Services, Cloud Technology, Business Phone Systems (VoIP and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) provision- ing), Network Security, Video Surveillance and Disas- ter Recovery. DS Tech delivers future technology today!
For more information on DS Tech Inc., call 906- 786-1699 or visit
Goodreau Joins SmartZone
HOUGHTON, MI_ MTEC SmartZone (SmartZone) announced that Chelsea Goodreau has joined its team as Director of Marketing and Communications. Chelsea has a degree in Business with an emphasis in Mar- keting and brings hands on experience within the non-profit sector to the SmartZone.
Ms. Goodreau, an Upper Peninsula native from L’Anse, Michigan, joins the SmartZone team at an exciting time to continue the com- pany’s success providing support to high-tech local businesses and working with the local, regional and state economic development organizations to build and expand a prosperous economy in the Keweenaw.
“We were very fortunate to attract someone with Ms. Goodreau’s energy and experience to our team,” said Daniel Jamison, MTEC CEO. “She will be instrumental in the development of marketing strategies and communications methodologies for the SmartZone, its partners, clients and affiliated organizations so that our work can be more widely understood and accessed, and so that the success of our clients can be more effectively communicated to their target markets, customers, and potential finan- cial and development partners.”

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