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Increase In Visitors This Season BBB
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With Mackinac Island recently being named America’s top travel destination by Trip Advisor, it’s safe to say there will be an in increase in vis- itors this season. Up North Business owners are continuously strategizing on ways they can improve their business and thrive on the unex- pected influx of visitors they may see. “The Upper Peninsula is a beautiful place for both leisure and business travel”, said Melanie Duquesnel, President & CEO of BBB Serving Eastern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. “We are very happy that others are seeing just how special our little part of the world, Michi- gan, is.”
Vacationers are going to need places to dine, shop and relax but this doesn’t just speak to sea- sonal businesses. Rental properties are likely to be more popular than ever. Does your business specialize in contracting? Rental property own- ers are going to want their homes in tip top shape to command top dollar. Can you meet their deadlines and expectations? Planning and preparing to do exactly that takes some heavy lifting.
Business owners should always be thinking about growth. Whether it’s expanding your
business, expanding your clientele, or using new marketing techniques, preparing for growth is essential to a prospering business. BBB offers these tips to help you grow your business.
• Focus on one product or service. While you may sell an array of products, focus on the one thing your business does really well and market it. This will result in bringing more customers in the door. Once you meet with your customers, you can then showcase your other products and services.
• Find ways to increase sales to existing cus- tomers or clients. Maintaining relationships with current customer is just as important, and probably cheaper, than finding new ones. Nur- ture your relationships by offering deals to long standing customers. Also, think about your cus- tomer service. How you treat your customers will resonate with them the next time they need your type of service.
• Advertise to the right clients. Think about who your audience is and advertise where they would be most likely to see it. If your business specializes in plumbing, advertise in an area spe- cific magazine. Do your clients find you on social media? Publish deals and sales on your
newsfeed. Also, think of new ways to market to your clients, via newsletters, emails or even TV and radio ads. Your creative outreach may be the ticket to greater revenue.
• Be visible online. Having an online presence is vital today. Whether your business has a web- site or contact information listed online, people need to be able to find you. Your website is also a forum where you can advertise your services and price packages, if you choose to. Make sure to respond to those who reach out to you online. Showing your responsiveness just may bring you the business.
• Target similar markets. You can expand your business by targeting different but similar busi- ness markets. Think about how your product or service can work for other types of people. Con- sider how you can make your product or service work for others outside of your market. Does your business sell specialty goods? Partner with other businesses that compliment your product and get them to sell it for you. They may ask for a cut of your earnings but you would still be sell- ing more products in the long run.
Want more tips on how to grow your busi- ness? Visit or call 248-223-9400.

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