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JUNE 2018
UP Business Today Announces The 2018 Business
Person Of The Year -
Terry Tripp
Pt, Mpt, At, Atc, Ocs, Cert. Mdt
MARQUETTE, MI, May 24, 2018 – Terry Tripp, a Physical Therapist for UP Rehab Serv- ices, Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist, and Outpatient Therapy Director for UP Health System Rehab Services has been selected as the 2018 Business Person of the Year.
Terry Tripp (Co-Owner), along with his brother, Russ Tripp (CEO and Co-Owner), and their colleague, Eric Paulitch, OTRL (Co- Owner), formed UP Rehab Services, LLC, in 2005. In the years that followed, UP Rehab Services has grown to be a rehabilitation leader across the Upper Peninsula in physical, aquatic, occupational, hand, and speech therapy and athletic training. What started out as a team of
5 has now grown into a team of more than 150 employees caring for patients.
A Marquette native, Tripp has a Bachelor of Science from Central Michigan University and a Masters of Physical Therapy from Oakland University. Tripp is also a Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) under the McKenzie Method, a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist and received advanced training in Osteopathic Manipulation of the Neck and Spine.
Tripp is recognized for his advanced knowl- edge, experience, and skills in the practice of orthopedic physical therapy and the conditions affecting bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, mus- cles, and nerves. These knowledge areas and pro- cedures focus specifically on the needs of patients with orthopedic disorders, including orthopedic medical and surgical interventions.
Similar to physician specialization, there are eight specialty areas in which physical therapists can be board certified. Roughly 6.5% of the physical therapists in the United States are Board Certified in a specialty and only 3.9% of thera- pists in the United States are Orthopedic Certi- fied Specialists. Those with this advanced certi-
fication are considered to have great depth of knowledge and skills in their specialty area of physical therapy.
Tripp states, “It’s very humbling to be honored for this award. I have not done this alone. Our company and its success is a true team approach. From our corporate owners and leadership team to every single employee in our organization car- ing for our patients every day, it is a collaboration of truly dedicated,
compassionate, and hard-working people who make UP Rehab Services what it is today. I am honored to work with such amazing people.”
UP Rehab Services currently provides the most evidenced-based rehabilitation to nursing centers, assisted living facilities, outpatient clin- ics, and hospitals throughout the Upper Penin- sula and Wisconsin. UP Rehab Services’ pillars of excellence begin with the highest quality patient care, the best relationships that lead to satisfied patients and physicians, and expert cli- nicians who have rewarding careers. For more information on UP Rehab Services, visit
Terry Tripp
OCS, Cert. MDT, ATC/L, Physical Therapist, Co-Owner, and Board Certified
Orthopedic Specialist
A few of the quotes received by his voters.......
My whole house votes for Terry Tripp. He has fixed all of us at one time or another. Cutting edge therapies and a genuine soul.
“I’d like to nominate Terry Tripp, PT as the Business Person of the Year. U.P. Rehab Services is, in my opinion, the best small business in the U.P.” I would like to proudly nominate my employer and fellow therapist Terry Tripp PT.!!!!!!!
I am writing to vote for Mr. Terry Tripp of UP Rehab as Business Person of the Year. I have been an employee of Mr. Tripp for two years now. I have found his program expansion to be
impressive as he has therapy services in nursing homes and therapy clinics at varying locations throughout the UP. I work with committed, professional, educated staff who bring their best to the patients of our communities every day. Mr. Tripp has been supportive of my personal ideas and program expansion, he has championed the use of a product known as the New Gait
within our clinics and with current research at Northern Michigan University. He and his team have supported youth programs and community service organizations. I must say I am a proud member of this team and feel Mr. Tripp deserves this recognition of the business community.
Whileheisingoodcompany,myvoteisforTerryTripp....hisrehab placesworkaroundthecentralU.P.withgoodtherapistsatallof them. Great guy, great business professional!

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