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Serving Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan ~ Delivery and Installation Available ~
By Michigan Association of Timbermen
Are you a Timberman member, or is your company one of those that prefers to ride for free on the coat-tails of others’ efforts? Do you know what the Association does for the forest industry in Michigan? Among a long list of other projects, the Michigan Association of Timbermen spends a lot of time, energy, and money in Lansing and with our State and Federal legislators to be sure that the voice of loggers, log truck drivers, small mills, foresters, and forest landowners are heard. We fight for what is important to the success of your forest industry business. Issues MAT is or will be working on are road access, overweight fines and a multiple trip permit. The elimination of the log plate and lowering weight limits continue to be re occurring issues.
MAT is working with agencies and landowners to minimize and mitigate
logging restrictions related to seasonal and health issues that decrease the amount of time harvesting can occur. We are also working with the U.P. Deer Habitat group and Forests for
Fish program that recognize the value and importance of long term sustainable forest management.
We continue to
work on legislation
to develop a
professional forester recognition program and a more comprehensive definition of foresters’ duties and responsibilities in the Michigan occupational code.
On the national level:
As a member of the American Loggers Council, we have supported efforts to allow 16-17 year old children of a logging family to be able to work in the family business
just like children on a family farm.
We opposed the creation of a Hardwood Lumber check-off program that could increase member costs with little assurance
of their role in determining how the revenues for the program would be spent on education and promotion activities.
We opposed what we perceive to be regulatory over-
reach by programs regarding Endangered and Threatened species, and the Waters of the United States rule being advanced by EPA and Army Corps of Engineers.
We also did a tremendous amount of education and promotion activity through various outreach opportunities. We host several Stainable Forestry Initiative logger education courses and also serve on the
Stainable Forestry Education subcommittee.
By virtue of MAT’s membership in the American Loggers Council and the Small Business Association of Michigan, voting member companies can expand their voice on State and National levels. Through SBAM, members also have access to several financial benefits.
The MAT Board of Directors greatly appreciates those businesses in the forest products industry that have supported us for many years. We very strongly encourage those companies who have not yet joined us to consider doing so and thereby allowing us to speak with a much stronger voice. For more information on becoming a MAT member call us at 906-293-3236, visit us online at or send an email Submitted by the Board of Directors of the -Michigan Association of Timbermen

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