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UPSA honors Ettenhofer as 'Outstanding Conservationist'
The Upper Peninsula Sportsmen's Alliance has presented its first "Outstanding Conserva- tionist" award to U.P. Whitetails Inc. co- founder, Alan Ettenhofer of Escanaba.
The award was presented today at a quarterly UPSAmeetingattheWilliamAndersonSports- man's Club in Hermansville in Menominee County.
Ettenhofer, who serves as treasurer of U.P. Whitetails Inc., was given the award in "deep appreciation" for his vision, dedication, perse- verance and guidance for wildlife, habitat enhancement and chronic wasting disease (CWD) education and prevention Alan Etten- hoferwork.
"Without your efforts, the Upper Peninsula would not be what it is today," the award plaque states.
Ettenhofer has amassed numerous accom- plishments and has made significant contribu- tions to a wide range of projects.
He helped form seven U.P. Whitetails organ- izations. He serves as chairman of UPSA's CWD committee. He has been a leader in edu- cating the public on CWD, including produc- ing a radio public service announcement and testifying before the Wildlife Committee of the Michigan House of Representatives on the problem of potential importation of CWD-
infected, improperly processed, deer to Michi- gan.
Ettenhofer has been a leader in securing grant funding to enhance white-tailed deer habitat in the Upper Peninsula. Among these projects, habitatwasimprovedalongtheWhitefishRiver and in the Arnold area of Marquette County. Tree planting efforts have also been undertaken via the Forestland Group and Marquette and Delta counties' conservation districts. Grant money has also helped fund deer trapping and tagging work.
"Al is a tremendous and tireless worker for conservation and wildlife in the Upper Peninsu- la," said Tony Denboski, UPSA president. "He is a fantastic choice for our first-ever 'Outstand- ing Conservationist' award."
Attendees at today's UPSA meeting included state Rep. Scott Dianda of Calumet, Michigan Natural Resources Commission Chairman John Matonich and Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division Chairman Russ Mason.
The "Outstanding Conservationist" award will be presented annually.Alan Ettenhofer, left, shakes hands with Gov. Rick Snyder at a tree planting event in Marquette County in 2014.
The Upper Peninsula Sportsmen's Alliance was formed in 1982 to unite sportsmen's groups
in the region for a common cause. Today, the group is composed of 57 clubs and business- es, representing 49,000 members.
The alliance's mission is to be the voice of U.P. sports- men and outdoors users to promote, foster and advance the outdoor recre- ation experience, encouraging con- servation of natural resources and the environment to perpetuate the direction of man-
Alan Ettenhofer, left, shakes hands with Gov. Rick Snyder at a tree-planting event the benefit of future at the South Marquette County Grouse Enhanced Management Site in August generations by edu- 2014. Also pictured, center, Gildo Tori, director of public policy for Ducks Unlim- cating UPSA's mem- ited. Michigan Department of Natural Resources photo.
bers, youth and the general public. with the DNR on policy issues and respects the The organization cooperates, when appropri- rights of landowners.
ate, with local, state and federal resource man- agement agencies, encourages communication
agement and use, for
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