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DT Fowler
Producing Wood Packaging Products For Generations
The employees of Lapeer, Mich.-based wooden packaging supplier DT Fowler Manufactur- ing, Inc. are pictured in a group photo taken two years ago. (Courtesy photo)
company. The siblings also share ownership of DT Fowler.
According to Fowler-White, one of the largest factors behind DT Fowler’s continued success has been its emphasis on providing high-quality service to their clients.
“We pride ourselves on our service,” she said. As part of this focus, Fowler-White said, the company works hard to ship its customers pal-
lets as quickly as possible.
“They rely on their pallet company to ship to
them ... just in time,” she said.
Fowler-White also said DT Fowler offers a
wider variety of packaging options than many other pallet suppliers. She said most of these companies specialize in new pallets, used pallets, or corrugated setup boxes.
“The great thing about DT Fowler is we do all three,” she said.
According to Fowler-White, her company’s focus on offering a variety f shipping options and consistently good service to their customers has paid off.
“Last week, we shipped the most loads we’ve
ever shipped in the history of our company,” she said.
Fowler-White said this boost was due in large part to the financial success of DT Fowler’s clients.
“Part of it is due to the economy improving,” she said.
She said DT Fowler has picked up more clients as of late, as well.
“We’ve obtained a couple large accounts in the last (few) years,” Fowler-White said.
As a result of its recent success, DT Fowler has been able to significantly expand its facili- ties.
“We actually just did a $1.5 million expan- sion and bought a new (pallet) nailing machine,” Fowler-White said. She noted these changes will have a positive effect on the com- pany’s ability to serve its customers.
For more information on DT Fowler, visit its website at
By Jordan Beck Great Lakes Logging
Wooden packaging supplier DT Fowler Manufacturing, Inc., which is based in Lapeer, Mich., has stayed in the Fowler family for three generations. President Christina Fowler-White said her business has stood the test of time thanks to its focus on offering a diverse product lineup and strong customer service.
DT Fowler was established in 1965.
“My grandparents started the business,” Fowler-White said. Her grandfather, Douglas T. Fowler, was DT Fowler’s first president, and her grandmother, Kay Fowler, was its first vice pres-
After Douglas passed away in 1979, Fowler-
White said, her father John Fowler became the company’s new president. Kay stayed in her role as DT Fowler’s vice president until she passed away in 2001.
“She was 82 years old, and she worked until her last year of life,” Fowler-White said.
Fowler-White said she has been directly involved with DT Fowler since 1999.
“I’ve worked there since ... my last year in high school,” she said. Her brother, Brett Fowler, has been working with the company since the mid- 2000s.
Currently, Brett serves as DT Fowler’s vice president.
“He handles more of the plant operations, whereas I handle more of the ... office opera- tions,” Fowler-White said of Brett’s role in the
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