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 Disabled Stroke Survivor Launches New Business
Goodness and Greens developed with the goal to be a sustainable, successful business and bring additional health and happiness to homes and community organizations.
(July 22, 2020 - Marquette, MI) - Good- ness and Greens is a business created to spread goodness, greens and giggles. Featuring indoor/outdoor, year-round Aeroponic Tower Gardens, Juice Plus nutrition products and Giggles & Greens, a locally-sourced gift store that will have you laughing from your head to toma-toes!
The Tower Gardens have no dirt and run on automatic lights and water for year-round, fresh produce. Our main goal is to bring sus- tainable food sources to families, nonprofits,
schools and communities with a side of gig- gles for an extra immune booster.
The Giggles and Greens gift shop items are sourced locally from Hotplate Pottery, whose artists are painting fruit and vegetable jokes on magnets, coffee mugs and salad bowls. You can even request a custom joke! We also have Canna-Candles, cannabis oil infused candles for aromatherapy. The candles are hand-craft- ed by personal trainer and cannabis caregiver Kacie Hanford. We are also seeking other cre- atives who would like to sell unique items fea- turing fruit and vegetable jokes or garden- friendly vibes!
Anna Dravland is a disabled stroke survivor & Founder of Goodness and Greems and the
nonprofit event, Spread Goodness Day. Anna suffered a stroke in November 2017, leading to the loss of her career and ability to work a regular job. After many ideas, attempts, fail- ures and medical complications, she found herself wondering what she could do to have a sustainable career. Goodness and Greens was developed after a friend gifted her with a Tower Garden so she could have fresh pro- duce, regardless of her income. Once she start- ed growing, she was hooked. Over three months she meticulously developed the plat- form for Goodness and Greens. While still suffering from unexplained symptoms, rare conditions and chronic pain, she worked when able to create this educational, playful and
easy-to-use brand. She is excited to share her new passion and build a sustainable business for herself - a business that can function even when she is not functional. As Goodness and Greens comes alive, she hopes for more than a successful career. She wants to inspire peo- ple that, even in times of economic uncertain- ty & illness, there is a way to find a new path to goodness and prosperity.
Visit our website to learn more or order at: Visit our Facebook and enter to win a Home Tower Garden to celebrate our opening!
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