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 Beth Millner Jewelry
Millner said fabric for her business’ masks has been sourced locally as much as possible. This has helped speed up the process of mak- ing masks while having a positive financial impact on area businesses.
Some Beth Millner Jewelry masks have also been distributed to local businesses and organizations.
“We did donate a bunch, and we sold a
bunch,” Millner said.
Masks from Beth Millner Jewelry can be
purchased over the phone by calling 906- 226-3540, online at, at the store’s front window or by appointment. To learn more about Beth Millner Jewelry, visit the store’s website or find “Beth Millner Jew- elry” on Facebook.
By Jordan Beck U.P. Business Today
Marquette-based jewelry store Beth Mill- ner Jewelry has been working hard in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of late July, the store had made and distributed about 7,000 handmade masks and had dis- tributed more than 50,000 metal nose pieces for masks.
Currently, Beth Millner Jewelry has a wide variety of masks for sale. These include stan- dard masks for adults and kids, bandana masks and work wear masks. “Fundraiser masks” - which help raise money for a number of causes, including support for trans youth in the Upper Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy - can also be bought from the store.
The masks distributed by Beth Millner Jew- elry feature removable and replaceable metal nose pieces.
“We’re trying to provide a very high-quality product,” Owner/Designer Beth Millner said. Other mask-related products are available
from Beth Millner Jewelry, as well.
“We’re also selling mask supplies, like elas-
tic and some kits,” Millner said.
Millner said her mask distribution efforts
began in April when she posted a free pattern for making cloth masks on a blog on her store’s website. The business also started making its own metal nose pieces around that time.
Millner noted her significant other works as a contractor and had access to roofing and sid- ing tools during quarantine.
“We had the materials and the tools to do it from home,” she said.
After making a “couple thousand” nose pieces, the couple transferred the work to Dan Perkins Roofing of Ishpeming.
At one point, Beth Millner Jewelry was the only Marquette business selling masks. It brought on 10 temporary employees to help meet the demand for masks and four subcon- tractors to prepare masks for resale.
“It was really like 14 people were helping for the mask-making and my staff was being the sales and distribution, essentially,” Mill- ner said.
The temporary employees worked on masks for roughly a month.
Courtesy photo
Beth Millner, owner/designer at Beth Millner Jewelry, works on sewing handmade masks.

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