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Cybersecurity and Manufacturing: Challenging Times For Manufacturers
The author, Elisabeth Tolsdorf, is the Direc- tor of NIST SP 800-171 Compliance for Hawk Technologies, a woman-owned firm located in Houghton, Michigan. Hawk is the Upper Midwest’s primary source for NIST SP 800-171 Compliance services. Additional information about NIST SP 800-171 and Hawk’s CAD services capabilities can be found at
they target.
Below are three ways your business can
encourage collaboration between IT and oper- ations teams to reduce risks and identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities:
Create an integrated IT/OT Security Gover- nance Body: Appoint a senior leader to be responsible for securing your OT systems.
Evaluate team needs: Ensure that your IT/OT team understands enough about cyber- security and manufac- turing operations in order to identify needs
and gaps.
Create an integrated
framework: Ensure that the teams are effectively collaborat- ing on projects and policies that benefit both sides.
Remember, when everything is connected, everything is vulnerable. The number of Vul- nerability Advisories issued by the Depart- ment of Homeland Security (DHS) for indus- trial control systems has increased from 17 in 2010 to 223 in 2018. In the manufacturing and industrial world, the benefits of those con- nections only come through a responsible and holistic cybersecurity approach. [2]
[1] J. Murphy, Manufacturing and Distribu- tion Report, 2019.
[2] T. Kennedy, “Manufacturing Cyberse- curity”, Chief Executive, October 23, 2019
The manufacturing
threats and growing
vulnerability from
cyberattacks and data
breaches due to their
chronic need for digi-
tal technologies (i.e.,
connected devices in
the Industrial Internet
of Things (IIoT), arti-
ficial intelligence, and
robotics). Because of
the continual focus placed on these technolo- gies, the rules of operations for industrial com- panies have changed. Half of surveyed com- panies have been targeted and been victim to at least one data breach during the past 12 months. [1]
This has created a new dynamic for industri- al companies. Roles and responsibilities for IT and operations teams, traditionally separate, have been increasingly blended as manufac- turers become more automated, connected, and digitized. All of these features provide cyberattackers with another potential route to critical systems and thus, the potential for a more concentrated impact on the businesses
sector faces sustained
 Are you ready to stand out from the crowd?
   Because of the continual focus placed on these technologies, the rules of operations for industrial
companies have changed.

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