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Latest Articles in Economy

Real Median Income Increase Makes No Sense
U.S. Census says  " that real median household income increased by 3.2 percent between 2015 and 2016 ". That is significantly higher than real GDP which grew at 1.5%. This increase does not make sense. [xxxmore] Historically, GDP grows at a faster rate than income - except for periods after the Great

Unwinding Of The Balance Sheet
As the Fed plans to unravel its monstrous 4 5 trillion on the books the era of cheap money is now apparently on the wane At the same time we continue onward through a nearly unprecedented stock market rally over the past 8 3 4 years Though things seem to cost more think ballgame

Expect A Major Leap In U.S. Oil Exports
The Gulf Coast was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, and the effects are going to take time to wear off, but the situation has also made U.S. crude exports much more competitive. Harvey knocked out more than 4 million barrels per day (mb/d) of refining capacity for a few days, but three weeks on from the storm, there is

EUR Back To 1.2000 On Solid EZ Growth
Market Drivers  September 22, 2017 EZ PMIs beat USDJPY below 112.00 on NK concerns Nikkei -0.25% Dax -0.04% Oil $50/bbl Gold $1296/oz.. Europe and Asia: EZ Composite PMI 56.7 vs. 55.5 North America: CAD Retail Sales 8:30 CAD CPI 8:30 The euro popped the 1.2000 barrier again in morning European dealing as PMI

AUD Crashes, EUR, GBP, CAD In Play
Consolidation was the theme of the day after Wednesday's big moves in currencies. The only action was in the Australian dollar, which crashed on the back of the Reserve Bank's laissez faire attitude about rate hikes and rating agency Standard & Poor's decision to lower China's credit rating from A+ to AA-.  Unlike

The Success Of The Post-Recession Fed
Market watchers have always paid close attention to anything that comes out of a Fed meeting, but that is especially so right now. Even days like yesterday, when nobody expected a change. need to be closely watched. There were no surprises on the rate front yesterday, nor really on any other, yet we still learned a

The Season Round-up
Here on the final day of summer on the 2017 calendar and with Q3 earnings season now on the visible horizon it offers us a chance to reflect on the past 3 months This summer marked as usual by lower trading volumes overall held up remarkably well despite plenty of headwinds turmoil

Can Oil Prices Hit $60 In 2018?
With Brent oil prices hovering right around $55 per barrel—the highest level in months—the oil market has picked up momentum. There are plenty of pitfalls ahead, but the underlying fundamentals offer some reasons to be slightly bullish on crude. As the IEA mentioned last week, global oil supply  fell in August by

Mesabi Trust - Why I See 80% Upside To Conservative Fair Value
By Nat Stewart ByNat Stewart The best business is a royalty on the growth of others requiring little capital itself Warren Buffett 1978 In my opinion Mesabi Trust MSB is one of the most undervalued securities I have ever seen

Calamities Couldn't Spoil The Bullish Run
While new hurricane concerns surround the events in Puerto Rico and elsewhere two earthquakes registering 8 1 and 7 1 major by any measure have hit Mexico in the last few days Earthquakes tend to reverberate over time resulting in after shocks and those we have seen as well Mexico